Mageia Live RAM-Disks

I will try to have here the modified ramdisk images of the various Mageia Live releases so that you can boot Mageia Live off an EXT4 USB partition.

Please note that I am naming those images as mga?init32 and mga?init64, where ? reflects the Mageia release.

Should you need any help on how to prepare your USB, please visit The Mageia Forum Howto on this subject. If you still have doubts, please feel free to email me *_*.

Have fun and enjoy it!

Mageia 7.1 images

Mageia 6.1 images

As of this version Mageia Live has a kernel command-line parameter namely; mgalive.basedir, where one is able to set the path for the live image. However; it still requires you to have the squash file in the loopbacks folder under the base directory..I do not like that! This is why I modified the initram in a way to be able to set the absolute base directory of the live image.

Mageia 6 images

Mageia 5.1 images

Mageia 5 images

Mageia 4.1 images

Mageia 4 images

Mageia 3 images